Rent our "Learn to Foil" pack and receive AED 400.00 Purchase Voucher 


1 Day AED 450.00;       2 Day AED 750.00        3 Day AED 900.00


Rent a set of "Learn to Hydrofil" package. Begin to practice on a 41cm Easy mast, progress to a 71cm Sport and 91cm Fluente mast in no time.  It guarantees existing kiters entrance to the world of Hydrofoiling.  


No long exhausting wipeouts. Start on the small mast and foil the same day and process at your leisure. 


Package Includes:

- T 40 Moses Board

- Easy 41 Hydrofoil

- 41cm Easy Mast

- 71cm Sport Mast

- 91cm Fluente Mast

- AED 400.00 Voucher towards futue Moses Hydrofoil purchase.


Easy Rental

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